3 Ways To Stop Overwhelm & Get Things Done

Posted by Helen Vandenberghe - August 23rd 2016

Have you every found yourself spending so much time reviewing your to-do list that you don’t actually end up getting anything done? If your to-do list is so overwhelming that you sometimes get to the end of the week and find you’ve made no progress it’s time to review your strategy.

At 1:44 you’ll learn what to focus on to leverage your business and make it much more profitable but the real magic starts at 3:50.

02:59 Get your To-Do List out of your head!
03:55 Is what you’re doing inline with your plan?
06:34 Will it bring you cash flow within 90 days?
08:03 Can whatever you’re doing be leveraged or repurposed?

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and learning more about your own 12-month plan. Share it with me at helen@getclientsfast.net