The 5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Clients

Posted by Helen Vandenberghe - September 12th 2016

In this week’s newsletter, I’m dishing out the dirt on client attraction!

It’s what we’re all after, right? A wait list. Being booked solid. New clients every month without the dreaded hustle and promo.
So where are they?
Why aren’t you getting any and why aren’t people knocking down your door to work with you?
The truth is, something is missing. All of the pieces are not there and until they are- you will continue to struggle with getting clients.
Lack of clarity
Wanting to help everyone and do everything will result in sporadic and likely clients who are not ideal. You must be absolutely clear on who you help and how you help them. You also must be really clear on exactly what you do.
Now I’m not talking about being super niched down, although that helps- but you have to be able to express to others what you do in a clear concise manner that is understandable to them. Many people think they know what they do, but it ends up coming out all jumbled and you end up confusing people. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be just one thing, but find a way to marry all the things you do together so it makes sense to your ideal client.
Likewise you have to know who your ideal client is so that you can speak directly to them on your website, in your copy, in your sales and your message.
Lack confidence
So now that you are super clear on who you help and how; are you able to confidently express that?
Do you know without a doubt that you can help people and can get results. Most people seem to doubt themselves at this point. Their website copy sounds amazing, their packages are coming together, but when it comes to making the sale, they aren’t confident that they can deliver.
When you lack confidence or have doubt, it will show. The desperation will show and your potential client will not hire you. That’s why it is so important to really embrace HOW you can help clients and how you’re different.
When you go out into the world, go confidently, go boldly. When you do this, the right people will be attracted to you.
 Lack visibility and or relationships
You can have the best product in the world, be the best at what you do, have a sparkly beautiful website and killer copy but if no one knows about you, none of that matters. You have to be comfortable putting yourself out there and promoting what you do. You have to be comfortable connecting with people and building relationships.
I know this fear too well. But when I decided that I was going to make my business work, I had to put my fears and my worries aside and basically get over myself .I remember how scary it was when I realised that I had to plaster my face all over my website, so that people would get a sense of who I am. And videos…they used to make me want to be physically sick! But I knew if I wanted to be successful, there were things I had to do that I did not want to do. It’s part of the game. And if this stuff was easy, everyone would be doing it.
Another important aspect of this is having a tribe to support you. Business can be scary and lonely at times. Having a core group of people to support you in everything you do online can make or break you.
No sales process/funnel
Most people don’t have a strategy when it comes to selling their products or services. It’s going to be an awful hard sell to get someone into a £3,000 or £10,000 package if they’re not investing in you in some way, shape or form.
It still amazes me when I come to people who do not have an opt in, do not keep in touch with their list through the way of newsletters, blogs, videos, etc.
People need to know you before they buy from you. You have to show them your value. You need to add value to their lives or businesses. And you’re not going to succeed in that by simply having a package on your website. The idea here is to make your free content so great, that working with you long term is a no-brainer.
Finally, if you have all the above things in place and you’re STILL not getting the clients you desire, it’s because something is off. You’re out of alignment either in what you do, how you do it or who you do it for.
Check in with yourself. This is one of the things that made a huge difference in my business. I was trying so hard to do something that just didn’t feel right – something I thought I was supposed to be doing and it did not work.
I knew it would make great sense to set up another big training company but whenever I got out there, I just had this sense of “Been there, done that” and I’m sure that energy came across. I’d wanted to escape from the constraints of running a big company.  So when ex-colleagues and employees started asking me to help them with their business, I felt alive and excited.
Check in and make sure what you’re offering doesn’t just make good ‘business sense’. You’ve got to love it if you’re going to thrive in this game!